Data field value grouping

In PowerBI i use a very useful tool that allows to create custom groups of data values. Example below.

This is very useful in my use case to create analysis against groups of currency pairs or groups of funds etc.
I haven’t found any similar feature In Quicksight unless I am mistaken.
Also what would be the easiest solution to achieve this functionality.(only way I can think is manually create a calculated field with ifelse() and manually match every value to a new group value)

There’s no such out of the box solution in QS so your best bet is to create a calculated field as you described.


as @todd.hoffman said, a calculated field is your best approach at the moment.

Something like this:
ifelse({CurrencyPair}= ‘EURAUD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCAD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCHF’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURDKK’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURGBP’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURHKD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURJPY’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURSGD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURUSD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURINR’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURMXN’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURKRW’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURBRL’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURTWD’, ‘NonDeveloped’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCNH’, ‘NonDeveloped’,

Hope it helps,

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