Dataset shared with co-owner permission cannot be modified


I have created several datasets, analyses, and dashboards from my Quicksight account. I am now moving to other project and I want to transfer all my assets to my colleague, who also has admin access to the same Quicksight account. I have shared all the resources with him with co-owner access. The analysis and dashboards are shared without any problems, however he cannot modify the datasets . He sees the option to Edit Dataset, but after clicking on it, he can only see the left panel with Fields, Excluded Fields, Filters, and dataset preview. The actual editing area is not visible. So he cannot edit the joins or queries, which is something he might need to do in the future.

How do I share the datasets so that he can access it in the same way I do and edit it as needed? If that is not possible, what is the safest way to transfer all my assets to another user?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, It sounds like the underlying data source is not shared with the user/co-owner. Can you plz try sharing the underlying data source as well?
To share the underlying data source go to home page then select Datasets->New dataset (button on top right) then scroll to the bottom where you will see data sources that you created and then share the data source that is relevant for the dataset.