Enable Q for some users not all users


I have a Quicksight account with some users. I want to enable Q for testing purposes. I don’t want to pay a lot and I want just test it with my dataset in my current region.
If I enable Q do all users see Q bar in existing dashboard?
How can I exclude existing users from having Q?

Hello Noorali,

To get started using Amazon QuickSight Q, first get the Q add-on for your QuickSight account and specify the AWS Regions that you want the subscription to be available for. Pricing for the add-on applies to your entire QuickSight account and isn’t specific to a Region. After you subscribe to Q, QuickSight authors can create topics, ask questions, and share topics with QuickSight readers

Fore more info - Getting started with Amazon QuickSight Q - Amazon QuickSight

Sharing a topic allows your users to select the topic and ask questions about it in the Q bar. After you share a topic with your users, you can assign permissions to them that specify who can change the topic.

fore more info -Sharing Amazon QuickSight Q topics - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this info provides you all the details you are looking for.

Thank you.

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Thanks for your answer.
So you mean If I don’t share any topics with my reader users I shouldn’t pay for those readers. Right?

My current subscription is like below
If I enable Q for this subscription just for 1 author how much extra cost should I pay?


Hello Noorali,

Accounts enabled with QuickSight Q are charged a $250/month QuickSight Q base fee.*

  • Author with QuickSight Q. ---- $34/month ( Month-to-Month)
  • Reader with QuickSight Q ----- $0.30/session up to $10 max/month

Fore more detailed info - please check Business Intelligence Service – Amazon QuickSight Pricing – AWS

Hope this will give some better clarity.

Thank you.


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Thank you @Deep for the details. This is useful. Need one more info - can we enable QuickSight Q for one author in the account. For example if i have 10 authors and my QuickSight account has the base Q feature, can I only give permission/enable the Q feature for one author only. If yes, how to do that? Please advise.

Regards -Sanjeeb

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Hello @Sanjeeb2022 ,

Q- topics are intended for QS Admin and authors which basically means with all Authors can create a topics for Q within the QS account.

what you could do is limit the number of Authors but enable readers as co-owner or viewer as needed.
co-owner can see + change the topic as well.

hope this helps.



Thank you @Deep for the details.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Thanks @Deep ,
I will ask my question below to be sure I won’t pay extra.
I have some existing dashboards with around 100 active readers.
I want to try Q so if I enable Q for my account and I don’t want readers to have Q, How much should I pay at the end of the month considering this?

Hello Noorali,

If you just one to try out, you may opt for free trial for 30 days and test it. if you find it useful for your organisation then go for regular subscription. Below are some of the answers pertaining to your queries. Hope this will clear your doubts.

Q: What is the $250/month base fee for QuickSight Q?
QuickSight Q provisions dedicated hardware capacity underneath the hood per customer to provide consistently fast query performance for our customers. This allows QuickSight Q to be used by Authors and Readers in the account (Author/Reader add-on or question charges as indicated above) and is charged for every AWS Region where QuickSight Q is enabled.

Q: I’m using QuickSight user-based pricing. How much do I pay for QuickSight Q?
QuickSight Q user-based pricing includes three main components:

  1. $10 add-on price per month for all Authors in the account.
  2. Reader session monthly cap of up to $10 per month (from $5 per month without QuickSight Q.
  3. $250 per month base fee to enable QuickSight Q for the account.

Q: I’m using QuickSight with Capacity-based pricing to scale to tens of thousands of users. How much would I pay to add QuickSight Q?
If you are using Capacity-based pricing for sessions, you can continue to purchase question capacities for QuickSight Q. Author monthly add-on fee and monthly base fee applies.

Q: I have an Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition account and want to add QuickSight Q. Is there a free trial?
Yes, for existing Enterprise Edition customers, QuickSight offers a 30-day QuickSight Q free trial, which provides a waiver of the $250/month base fee as well as a waiver of the $10/month add-on fee for four authors for the first 30 days.

hope this Helps. For more FAQ’s please visit Business Intelligence Service – Amazon QuickSight Pricing – AWS

Thank you.

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