Feature request: equally sized tiles for visuals/text boxes

I am using the tiled sheet layout optimised for 1600px. I wanted to make a visual that was 1/8 of the width of the page. I realised it wasn’t possible to have the visual size be equally sized without having a gap between the visuals (see 1 and 2) or having the visuals at different widths (see 3 and 4).

Is this something that might be fixed in the future?

Hi @alj_pacho,
why not using “free-form” where you can change size and position of a by pixel?

Using the tiled sheet style is more convenient and easier to keep consistency between multiple tabs and dashboards. Do you know if there is a template feature available for the free-form sheet style?

So far I’m not aware of a template. But maybe you could create a analysis like your screenshot and arrange the elements once. Later you could change only the fields and viz type etc. without changing position and size.

For me, it’s sometimes the first thing I do when I start a project. Switch to “free-form”. Because with “tiled” you quickly reach the visualization limits (e.g. overlay).