Hide all visuals when there is no 'Case Number' selected

Hi All,

In the dashboard, we have a filter ‘Policy Number’ and a table object.

I created a multiselect parameter with control (and mapped ‘Policy Number’ field to it) and passed the parameter to the filter ‘Policy Number’.

By default, the filter ‘Policy Number’ will have no values selected (based on parameter setting). PFA#1

On the landing page when there is no selection, I want to display a text message and when there is a selection made, I want to display the results in Table object.

I find issues in setting a rule to display the text box when no selections made. It looks like the rule doesn’t allow to save without any value or with these values ‘Null()’/‘=Null()’/‘blank’, space. PFA#2 for reference.

Your help would be highly appreciated here.

have your tried null?

Have you also looked into reserved values?

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Hi Max,

Thanks for your reply. I tried with Null too but it doesn’t work.

When all values are selected by default, I am able to hide visuals and show them only when selection <> All. That works fine.

When i tune it further by removing all selections by using Parameter option “show blank by default”, I am not able to achieve the Hide/Show feature as needed.

Hi @MadhuB

Have you looked into this post?

Don’t know if it will help at all but it’s another option.

Hi @Max : I tried this solution but it didnot work.

Can we log this as a feature request so that the value column in the rules section accepts no value entry as well. I guess this will help in hiding/showing the data in scenarios when no filter selections are done where we are defaulting the filter to ‘Show as blank by default’ in Parameter settings. #feature-request

In our case, we only need to show data when a filter selection is done else not. When we add any default values that is not available in dataset, it is also appearing in the filter option along with other selections done.


@Biswajit_1993 : Any help here is much appreciated

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Hi @MadhuB, Thanx for highlighting your query. I am going to do a POC on this and will get back to you.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

Thanks @Biswajit_1993

Hi @Biswajit_1993 : Any luck on this

Hi @MadhuB , Sorry for delayed response I have did some POC but not able plot as per our requirement. Trying also with more logics.

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Thanks @Biswajit_1993 for your response. Please keep us posted if it works

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