How to Email a dashboard to a SharedMailbox

I am creating a schedule to email the dashboard to a mailbox and would like to send it directly to a shared mailbox. The mail box is created using an ANT group and has its own domain. When selecting the ANT group as a recipient it sends to individual ANT group members and not the shared mailbox’s inbox. I would like it to go to the shared mailbox’s inbox if possible. Anyone solve this yet?


You will need to select the email address that you defined for the shared mailbox as the recipient of emailed dashboard, ie

When you choose the ANT group, the ANT group does not have the location of the shared mailbox only information about the members of the group which is why it sends emails to the group members rather than shared mailbox.

Please change the recipient to the shared mailbox email address and if you continue to have difficulties, respond here.



Hello, Quicksight only allows me to send it to people or groups the dashboard is shared with and it can only be shared with groups or people. The dashboard is shared with the ANTGroup that owns the email domain but quicksight does not let me enter the email domain as a recipient. Any solution or setting change in the account to fix this?

Hi @michhenp ,

Dashboard can be mailed only to registered users from within QuickSight - Documentation link

If you want to mail out paginated reports, you can leverage APIs to trigger report creation, check status, download PDF and then mail out programmatically.
(Relevant APIs - start-dashboard-snapshot-job , describe-dashboard-snapshot-job, describe-dashboard-snapshot-job-result )

Arun Santhosh
Pr QuickSight SA