How to get rid of ALL from the control,without adding other name

I need to get rid of ALL from the control panel and it should automatically produce the control of specific agency in the application.Is there any way to do so.

Hi @jvolpert,

If you create a parameter for “agency”, you can set a static default value. Then you can create a control from this parameter. The default value will be used for all users of your analysis/dashboard.

If you want to have a different default value for different users/groups then when creating the parameter you can set dynamic default values.

Please see more details here.

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Even I created DDP,I am not able to get rid of Select All from the list

In your dropdown settings you can hide select all

It is at the bottom here

I used that ,still showing all

Can you show me the screen shots of your default value and the Agency control settings?

You need a username column for these values to be defaulted and reflected for you and others. The dynamic default checks who is viewing the dashboard and then assigns a value once that criteria is met.

You can also look to setting a “fallback” default value where you add a static default value and a dynamic default value.

I have username value.If I add that as User name column,I am getting the result as below in my application"ALL" is generated .I Want to remove that

@jvolpert What do you want the default to be?

I want the" agency name ",so that when application is opened by specific agency ,they need to get the corresponding name.Here,even when created as dynamic default I am getting the agency name but showing “ALL” in the control.I want to remove “ALL” from the control.As I hide “select all” still it showing ALL.

How are you managing user access? Are you using RLS, namespaces, or some other mechanism to ensure each agency only sees their data? I ask because it may inform your solution.

yes .We are using RLS.

Since you’ve applied RLS you can change the parameter from a dynamic default to a static default. As the static default you can enter either the name of a specific agency or something like ‘Agency’. Doing this will remove ‘All’

Is there any way to automatically generate the title as"Agency ".without using the control

The title of what in particular? If you are referring to the Static Default Value you can enter that as follows:

Hi @jvolpert ,

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I don’t want to create a static default.Why hide" Select All",funtion not working ,even after creating dynamic default.

Are you sure that your user is accessing the dynamic default correctly?

Did you set up the userName / arn correctly to identify your user?

That’s the one area, where if it doesn’t equal your user, you would see the Select All.

As Max mentioned, please ensure your dynamic default parameters are being set correctly. In the screen shot you showed above (and pasted here), the group name column is mapped to the agency id string which I think is what you want displayed, but is it the actual user group name in QuickSight? The group name here should be the QuickSight user group. Similarly the user name column would be the QuickSight username if you chose to use that instead. Please see here for more information, (scroll towards the end): Creating parameter defaults in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight