I need to create a dynamic default value based on user in RSL?

I have a filter with two KPIs: for simplicity let’s call it “Ratio A” and “Ratio B”.

Users are set on RSL

I want to create a filter (with parameters) that gives a default KPI based on their RSL.
So for example if Bob has access only to Healthcare sector it would see as default parameter the “Ratio A” (but He would still have the option to select “Ratio B”).

Viceversa for Billy that has access to Car sectors.

What I tried to do is:

  1. creating a calculated field into the dataset called "Default Ratio", with ifelse statment: assigning the Ratio A and Ratio B according to the sector.
  2. I then created a parmeter: click on dinamic default: I select the dataset, I assigned the sector column to group column name, and the Default Ratio to column for the default value.
  3. I also stated “Ratio A” and “Ratio B” in the text box field of the parameter values.

It does not seem to work, could you please help me?

Also, I don’t really understand the difference between Group Column Name and User Name Column
Can I use them interchangeably for my example?

Also please be aware that I don’t have the user name in my dataset. User, belonging to a specific sector, are stated on RSL, They will see only the data belonging to their sector.

You should be able to use them interchangeably.

What is off? Is it that your default value is not working?

Hi Max,

Yes the default it is not working.
I tired to test putting myself on RLS for sepcific sectors but I don’t see the default parameter acting as it should.