Insight not displaying in Automated Email, but Visible on Dashboard

Hi I have an email report that is not showing Insights I created. When I go to the analysis and dashboard it does not present any error messages. Does anyone know why these are not displaying?

Analysis displaying correct data on the left; Automated Email not displaying any data on the right.

@mlorenzo can you confirm -
1/ if there is any RLS or dynamic default parameters are defined. This is so because when email are sent out RLS/dynamic default parameters will be applied before rendering visuals
2/ If this is custom visual or customized insights visual. Custom visual content is not supported in email reports


I believe I am using a dynamic default as a parameter. If make that a static value should my visuals work correctly?

QuickSight team has fixed several issues where incorrect dynamic default configuration was gracefully handled in the browser but caused problems in other places like email subscriptions. Can you check if removing dynamic default fixes the issue? If it does, can you check if dynamic default is configured correctly?

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