Is paginated reporting required for sending reports by email?

Hi team, does the sending reports feature Scheduling and sending reports by email - Amazon QuickSight require paginated reporting enabled? how does this differ from paginated reporting in presentation?

Is there a good reason for the QuickSight pricing model? - #4 by Kristin from @bergqdou’s response it doesn’t seem like thats the case?

On pricing, it looks like readers can have their reader sessions and the email reports up til the (new) $3/month max and won’t be accruing any additional charges on top. For context - this is for internal use, 1 author and 10 readers - we need 5 reports sent out to each reader/month. The $500/month for paginated indeed seemed very steep for our needs.

"Authors and admins can receive any number of email reports at no extra charge.

For readers (users in the reader role), it costs one session per report, up to the monthly maximum. After receiving an email report, the reader gets a session credit to access the dashboard at no additional cost during the same month. Reader session credits don’t carry over to the next billing month.

For a reader, charges for email reports and interactive sessions both accrue up to the monthly maximum charge. For readers who hit the monthly max charge, there are no further charges, and they can receive as many additional email reports as they need."

Hello Art,

The answer is No. you can send reports/dashboards to users and groups.
To receive email reports, the users or group members must meet the following conditions:

They are part of your Amazon QuickSight subscription.

You already shared the dashboard with them.

They have completed sign-up process to activate their subscription as Amazon QuickSight readers, authors, or admins.

Amazon QuickSight can't send scheduled emails to more than 5,000 members.

Paginated reporting is additional Add-on capability @$500/m for highly formated reports mostly with multiple pages or kind of adhoc read only reports such as invoices etc.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the confirmation Deep! Testing this out now to see what it looks like - and then on cost, just confirming this will go into the regular reader pricing sessions up to the $3/month max?

Hello Art,

Yes your understanding is correct based on new pricing model.

QuickSight offers two pricing models for Readers.

  • Predictable per-user pricing for organizational BI use cases.
  • Capacity-based pricing for embedded applications or for when the number of users or frequency of their access is hard to predict.

Reader $3 per user/ month — User-based Pricing
Reader Capacity from $250 for 500 sessions/month
** Session is a 30 minute period.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @attuazo, you can always talk to your Account manager and work out different pricing based on the volume. User-based vs Capacity-based – they have many options. Just ask them and work your cloud economics magic!


Perfect, thank you so much!