KPI Visual Limitation, difference when values are negative

I have created a KPI, but the issue is let say i have a metric which is negative for example profit. Target Value is = -10 and Value is = -5. This % difference should be positive 50% but in the KPI card it showing negative %. Ideally there is an increase in profit. How do i remove the negative sign

Hello @Aditya_Raj , I tried to replicate your scenario. However, by default it is showing the correct value i.e. difference of positive 50%. Please see the below snapshot.

Can you please recheck at your end or share a snapshot of your sample dataset and KPI to understand the problem better?

@sagmukhe also i am selecting comparison : Difference as percent%

@Aditya_Raj - You need to select Percent instead of Difference as Percent. That should do. Let me know if that helps!


@sagmukhe i did that but the % that it is giving me is not correct it should oct- sep/sep which comes around to be 25%


@Aditya_Raj On taking a closer look it seems it is more of a sorting issue. Can you please try out the below. Let me know if this helps!

@sagmukhe than you so much for the quick response i changed the sort option by month but now it is showing January and February. I want it to show for the latest 2 months available. Can you please help me with this?

@Aditya_Raj - You can try to utilize the Relative Date Filter to filter the data to those months and that perhaps should show you the data in the manner you want. Please check and let me know if this helps! I have given a sample snapshot of where you can configure this settings.

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