Publishing visual changes date range displayed

I have a visual which show sales data for last 2 weeks with day by day comparison. It works/looks fine right before publishing the analysis but after publishing the date range expands and the visual shows not just last 2 weeks but entire year of data. Why is visual not displaying as it did during the editing/preview stage?

Hello - not sure if you had this happening after publishing the visual to a dashboard or before but can you try with publishing it? Publishing dashboards - Amazon QuickSight

Yes, I have published it and that’s exactly when I see the issue. The visual displays fine before I publish it and then after in the dashboard it does not look like it did during editing/preview. Thanks

@mkenrich, assuming that you are using filter controls to define the 2 week range, can you double check your filter controls applied on the dashboard to confirm that those filter values still the same. Try to reset the dashboard to the original values from top left

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Thanks much I am getting consistent results now

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Thanks for letting us know @mkenrich! If the reply @DeepakS provided was the solution, could you help the Community out by marking the Solution check box under the reply? Thx!