Quicksight.aws We weren’t able to create this data source

I can’t create a dataset
For my database mariadb in rds aws
I created VPC connections
I created a security group for QuickSight
I set rules for RDS
Still not successful
Has anyone also encountered a problem and found a solution?

Hi @avilevy - Welcome to AWS QuickSight and thanks for posting the question. To understand the issue, can you please provide the below information.

  1. Is the connectivity between maria db and QuickSight is successful. You can test the connectivity from QuickSight before creating the data set.

Please follow the below documentation link for the set up - Manually enabling access to an Amazon RDS instance in a VPC - Amazon QuickSight

Also shared the error details to guide you. If the issue is not resolved, please give the maria db version so that we can replicate the same issue from our end.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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hi @avilevy,

did the solution provided by @Sanjeeb2022 help you solve your question?

kind regards,

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Hello @avilevy !

We have not heard from you in a few days but would still like to help you find a solution. If we do not hear back from you in 3 days this post will be archived.