Quicksight Visual Setting for when If there is No Data in Visual Leave Blank

I have Pie Charts embedded in a pivot table in Quicksight and I want to format/edit the visuals to if there is no data for a specific visual (pie chart) instead of the “There is no data found for” output, I want it to be blank. Is that a feature within quicksight that would allow me to do that ?

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Unfortunately there is no way to do this as of now.

I’m hoping this feature request is updated soon.

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Hi @selam_tekie

Assuming you embedding via style/URL options?

Maybe an option here is to use and ifelse statement to display the pie OR another image to communicate that no data was found.

Would that work?

Ramon Lopez


Thank you @Ramon_Lopez and @Max. There isn’t a good solution, but I was able to edit the chart title with blank to get rid of some of the text

Hi @selam_tekie

How do you did it?