Setting Width of pivot table

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 4.17.54 PM
Each week, the new week column is added at full width. I was told there is no method of setting widths for the columns, but does anyone have a way to make each new week come in at a set width?

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There is no ability to do that currently. I will mark this as a feature request.

@jenmosk we are working on a feature to provide the ability to set default column width so that each new week/ month will get set to the default column width

Hello @jenmosk
We just launched the ability for authors to set default column width for pivot tables, ensuring the following -

  1. Set a uniform column width for all value columns effortlessly.
  2. Bid farewell to the tiresome task of manually adjusting individual column widths. Utilize this feature to establish the column width for all columns at once.
  3. Enjoy the assurance that your column widths will remain consistent even after data refreshes with new columns adhering to this default value.
  4. Set column widths precisely in pixels, offering you greater control over your presentation.