[Tooltips] Is there a limit of custom tooltips per one visual?

After adding the 10th tooltip the “Add field” button froze.
Is this a limit?
I couldn’t find any information about this.

Hi, Please share below additional details :

  • Which chart type are you trying this on?
  • Are you able to add more than 10 fields to other chart types?
    Also will be helpful to understand the use case to add more than ten fields to tooltip.

This is a “stacked bar combo chart” where the X-axis represents dates (the last day is compared to the previous day, the same day the previous week, the same day the previous month, and the same day the previous year). The line represents the number of total calls and the bars - the number of calls grouped by results. Besides the absolute number of calls, I added custom tooltips that show the daily change of calls by results in percentage and the percentage of calls by results compared to the number of total calls. These tooltips are based on the calculated fields.


I’ve also tried the “clustered bar combo chart” and the “vertical stacked bar chart” and the result was always the same - no more than 10 custom tooltips.

Hi, Yes we have a limit of adding 10 additional tooltip fields currently for all charts.

We will add this to our public documentation. Thank you

Well, thanks.
But can we expect this limit to be increased someday? Is there a way to bring this as a suggestion?

I will communicate this ask to the team. Thank you!

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