Unable to connect to RDS dataset

Hi everyone
Im struggling to connect to a RDS dataset. I have attempted to configure a VPC connection within Quicksight following all the documentation, this creates successfully, however I still cant get the get the option to input to Database instance ID.

" QuickSight doesn’t have permissions to access that database. Follow the instructions atManaging Amazon QuickSight Permissions to AWS Resources to grant QuickSight permissions to that Amazon database."
I have attempted to trouble shoot using the documentation following the guides for RDS in a non default vpc.
Is this a permissions issue linked to the execution role in the vpc connection? Or anything else I could be missing.
Any help would be kindly appreciated
Many thanks

Hi @Ross_John_Brook ,

If your connection is from a private subnet , please review the following : Create a private connection from Amazon QuickSight to Redshift or RDS | AWS re:Post
Additionally to create the vpc connection in QuickSight, the following link should help : Configuring the VPC connection in the QuickSight console - Amazon QuickSight

Kind regards,