Are Oracle databases supported through the dataset "RDS" connection?

I’m trying to create a Dataset from my RDS Oracle 19c database. However, it’s not available in the “Choose an instance ID” drop-down. My other databases (MySQL, SQL Server) are available.

All databases are in the same VPC. I didn’t have to make any changes for the MySQL and SQL Server databases to be visible. In addition, I have followed these instructions Manually enabling access to an Amazon RDS instance in a VPC.

Any idea why the Oracle database is not visible?


Did you try the Oracle Datasource?

Is there a documentation about this solution? Can we rely on that this is the way to connect RDS for Oracle?

I am having the same issue, with Oracle DB instances not showing up in the drop down(PG RDS are showing up). Is using the Oracle data source the approved solution for this?
Also, when I go the Oracle data source route, only the ADMIN schema shows up when I make the connection. I can still query from the other schemas. Did anyone know how to make the other schemas show in the drop down when the connection has been established to Oracle?