Can't send the rest report to anyone or even me

HI team

I’m not sure what’s going on but when I tried to send a test report to me, I keep getting this message (I had to replace some info with xxx)

Hello “xxx”,

You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this dashboard: “xxx”.

We can’t send your scheduled dashboard report at this time because of an internal failure. You can send the report directly to each subscriber instead.

If this issue persists, contact AWS Support for assistance.

The Amazon QuickSight Team

Do you know what is causing this? All visuals don’t have any issue

@luvis1189 I dont have any ideas off the top of my head. Well maybe one, if you have shared the dashboard with a group of users that has lots of users who never finished their sign up process, I saw that issue once. Not sure if that would block even sending to yourself though. Honestly I think opening a support ticket is the best route for this as they can look into the logs to see what’s going on.

Thanks Jesse! I couldn’t even send the test report to myself, which is weird. I’ll contact AWS support then.

I tried something and am now more puzzled than before. I can send it if i select the 4 tabs out of 6 but if i selected the other 2 I got thia error…

Maybe you can send a screenshot of those other two sheets? Seems there’s something specific to those two then.

Dear Luvis,

I had the same issue today, did you find any solution?

Best regards

I Didn’t find a solution yet :(. Will need to cut a ticket to QS team to ask.