Failed Scheduled Report Email

I’m getting following failed email. Data refreshes appear to have been successfully completed. Has anyone encountered this problem before?


You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this dashboard:

Your scheduled data refresh has not completed successfully. The data refresh must be working properly before your scheduled dashboard report can run.

To fix the issue, verify your data source settings and refresh the data manually.

The Amazon QuickSight Team


It’s is a bit strange. There are some trick you can check.

Check the email generated on the same dataset.

Is there any calculation done on SPICE level, if yes recheck you calculated fields.

secondly, check you datatypes too.

Naveed Ali

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@mufidepalaoglu I saw the same behavior with our QuickSight reports before. Root cause is data refresh failures in the past even though recent data refreshes are completed successfully.

Fix: You need to do a manual refresh whenever a data refresh failure occurs. This worked for us.

Try this and see if this works.

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Thanks @jayanthvisw_billgo . We should report this symptom to QuickSight Product team so that this can be added as a feature request in future.

Hi @Max - Can you please us on this?

Regards - Sanjeeb

Sure I can mark this as a feature request