Hide collapsed columns in a table


Is it possible when I deselect a certain option from the filter, that value (column) to be hidden from the table? Right now when I deselect a value from the filter, the column is still in the table but instead of values it has only zeros as values. I want for the column to be removed from the table. Is that possible?


Hello @andjela !

If you click on the field in the Field Well it open the formatting menu, you should see “Hide” and “Remove” options. Have you tried using one of these options to get the desired affect on your table? (Screenshot below):

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Hello, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, that’s not what I was thinking. I don’t want to hide it manually from the field wells, I want to do it from the filter - deselect that option from the filter and it’s removed from the table. Is something like that possible?


Hello @andjela !

Can you try the solution provided in this post and see if it helps?:

Let me know if this is closer to what you are looking for!

Hi @andjela

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