User Management: "User already exists"

I have a user that I am trying to add into QuickSight, when I add the username and email address I get an error message stating that User already exists. However, when I look through the user list, that user is not appearing. Any ideas on how I can clear this up?

Hi @mwillett
Will you be able to share screen shot of the error?


Sure, glad to however it doesn’t provide detail.

@mwillett I see you have this user set as an IAM user - is that intentional? Or are you trying to invite them via email? If the latter then you would want to set that to NO before adding them.

This person is an IAM user and I would like to set them up as much.

Hmm seems strange they would not show up in the user list if it’s saying they already exist. Could you maybe post a screenshot of your user page where you are searching for them?

Curious if you try sharing a dashboard with that user if they are showing up as an existing user in the sharing screen?

I’ll gladly add a screenshot shortly. I can share with the user so I know the account is working it’s just not showing up in the list. Maybe a GUI glitch or maybe the user was added via clip?

@Gal Did this get resolved for you? If not, let us know if it’s still possible to send a screenshot. Thanks!

Hi @mwillett ,

We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We would still like to help. If we do not hear back in the next 7 days, we will archive the question.