What is QS-User-Enterprise-Month charges in aws

There are 4 type of charges I see on QS!

Can someone explain what is this based on!

Is there any way we can get to know the breakage of the QS-User-Enterprise-Month? Rest of the 3 things are kind of make sense!


QS pricing

Naveed Ali

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Hi Naveed,

Yes I have this list pricing list, but still somehow things are not clear! Like what exactly counted for “QS-User-Enterprise-Month”, because i see this costing is growing when the days pass in a month!

Initially its very less but end of the month its costly, really not able to identify the costing in clear cut form! Thats is what actually i am looking for

I had 6 ADMIN users and the cost today is 145$! and its unpredictable, some breakage should help everyone.!