When a dashboard creator left the company?

I’m leaving the company.
After quitting my job, will my dashboard not be able to be used if I quit my job? Or will another co-owner take over the owner’s authority?

If you have that experience, I would appreciate it if you could share it.

@Alvinson - Welcome to the community! Although you mentioned that you are leaving the company, we are glad that you have joined the community to give us “company”. Its a very good question. I can think of few options of managing this :

  1. Typically in some scenarios, what we do, we create shared folders to organize our quicksight assets (including datasets, analyses and dashoards) logically and we provide access to those shared folders to QuickSight Groups / users. So, even if you leave the organization, other users having access to the folder will continue to be able to access that asset.

  2. You can contact your QuickSight Admin and they should be able to share the dashboard with other user(s) from the Manage QuickSight > Manage Asset navigation. That should solve.

  3. Also, when you leave the company, as part of the cleaning process your Admin perhaps will delete your corresponding QuickSight user as well. During that, all of your assets including the dashboard can be transferred to any other existing user.

Reference Link : QuickSight asset management - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this helps!

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